Founding Board

Chairing Committee

Shen XinYu

Information Systems Year 3

Chairman (Founder)

XinYu – hates start-up culture but always starting up new ventures, loves things that are social but himself an introvert, considers himself a visionary but wears spectacles, looks like a nerd but does not talk like one, a straightforward person yet full of mystery – contradicting while consistent.

Interest areas: IT Auditing and Consulting, Risks and Compliance, Penetration Testing and Data Mining

Previously founded - Connecti'NUS, an exclusive social network for NUS community.

Han Fengwei (Olivia)

Information Systems Year 3


I was also one of those who are not sure about what IS is, what IS jobs we can do after graduate and how to prepare for our future. I believe many of you have the same questions, and I believe NUS BiZiT is here to give you all the answers.
Myself - love nature, love smiling. I’m interested in entrepreneurship and I did the iLead programme last semester. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about iLead and start-up culture. (:

Big Four Executives

Lee Shean Yin (Jaslyn)

Information Systems Year 3

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Treasurer

Hi there! I am Shean Yin or better known as Jaslyn to closer friends. We are in a very exciting era where things move rapidly within a click of a finger, commonly due to technology that has been commercialised for market use (think online shopping, social media and wearables). Hence, in this committee I hope to bring forward new and exciting opportunities for all to explore. (Y)

Lim Jia Yee (Chloe)

Computer Science Year 2

Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Information Technology Officer

I am confident of the potential of this society to light the way for all of us who are looking for a future in technology. As such, I wish to help this society to nurture multi-talented professionals who are well-versed in both business and IT regardless of their academic background through my expertise and passion in IT.

Yeo Zhi Ler (Dominic)

Information Systems Year 3

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) - Public Relations Officer

I am a Year 3 IS Student, and embarking on this project to kick-start a new society is exciting. As a student in Information Systems, I would love to have more opportunities for networking and getting more exposure to the industries most relevant to me. I am a devoted Catholic and I love to do social work to help the less fortunate. NUS BiZiT will provide us with more opportunities to reach out to the needy in different ways using my knowledge in Information Systems.

Nicholas Chan

Information Systems Year 3

Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Logistics Officer

Hi! My name is Nicholas (you can call me Nick), currently a Year 3 Information Systems undergraduate. I was the head of logistics for NUS Cyber Gaming Festival held in 2015. I love organising events, playing the foosball and making new friends! 

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