Welcome Tea (End)

Good evening Members and fellow NUS peeps,

We hope you now understand more about us, NUS BiZiT, what we do, and what we will do. If you still have any queries about us, do ping us via nusbizit@gmail.com and we will be glad to answer you. You may also contact us personally.

Our next event is a workshop: “Command Prompt and Git”, renamed to “Git Afternoon” as of 15/2/16.

Date: 25th February 2016

Time: 1500-1800

Venue: SoC COM1 VCRoom (COM1-02-13)

We will be covering very basic commands in Command Prompt and Command Line.

As for Git, we will explain its fundamental concepts, some simple techniques for collaboration work, and if time permits, some debugging – there is always conflicts in relationships so why not in Git?

Event Page Here

Do email grow@nusbizit.org if you have any queries.

Hope to see you in February!



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